1. Herman Gauche
    Denver, Colorado
  2. Halden Wofford (Solo)
    Denver, Colorado
  3. Psychedelic Brain Freeze
    Denver, Colorado
  4. Mookie Mcfierson
    Denver, Colorado
  5. Bob Wales
    Denver, Colorado
  6. Zach James
    Bellingham, Washington
  7. RollerCoaster
    Denver, Colorado
  8. MusicHouse Mal
    New Mexico
  9. Jewell Sipari
    Denver, Colorado


Reglar-Daddy Denver, Colorado

Reglar-Daddy is a new Denver record label specializzing in tripple F'n fffun. Pulll up your booster chairs kids, adults have a seat over there! We're just one step away from the infinite complex of melodious interxchange and transformative transformation you'v been waiting for so you might wanna hurry. Come on and get you som. ... more

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